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Iron Man 3



Tony Stark is back after his origin story, his second act, and a stint with an ensemble cast to fight the bad guys, be a bad boy, and make witty quips to his AI butler. And we are back to watch it. It’s a superhero film, so if you came in expecting deep characters, biting dialog, and introspection you have come to the wrong place. Lots of unrealistic fights, grand implausible world threatening schemes, and a super-nova’s worth of explosions are on the menu for this film.

The Good

It’s possible that no role is better suited to an actor than Iron Man is to Robert Downey Jr. While the whole premise, as with any superhero film, is silly, I still buy the act and root for him. He may be forever known for this role, overshadowing his magnificent Chaplin, but the fit is so good that it is hard to argue. The second good part is the Stark/Pepper Potts dialog interplay. They are really close to having a screwball comedy a la the ‘50s. When Tony and Pepper are arguing with the plant girl there, the dialog, the timing and the inflections are nearly magic. I would love to see a small film with Tony and Pepper on a date. The third good part is Ben Kingsley. He give two really good performances. More about that later.

The Bad

They take a twist on the villain that not everybody is going to be happy with. I understand why they did it, but I think they could have used any generic villain name to do it rather than using an established villain from the comics. Second Bad – Tony’s angst really gets annoying. In order to understand it, you have to remember what happened at the end of the Avengers. Suffice it to say that Tony is shaken. While Downey makes us believe in Tony, he really does not pull off the brooding, tortured Tony too well and it slows down the movie. The third bad is the ending. All I can say without spoilers is that I hope to hell they are setting up stuff for the other movies, otherwise they really cut some corners on it.

The Other

Guy Pearce is good in this film, but he really isn’t given much to work with. All of his character development happened before the movie started, we just get to see the results. There is a kid in the show who is decent, but his backstory is a bit heavy. Don’t waste your time on the 3-d version, nothing to see there, move along.

Final Verdict

He’s a rich, genius, playboy with a superhero suit. Angst does not fit him and it was boring. The interplay with Pepper and Tony was at times wonderful. Villains were so-so but Kingsley was fun to watch. I’m not sorry I paid the money for the theatre, but I am sorry I watched it in 3-d. Overall it was a solid superhero film, a little better than the second film,  and just a touch worse than the Captain America film. Still better than Thor. Three stars just after seeing it, but probably closer to 2.5 stars in the future.

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