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Men In Black III


Those black suited alien control agents are back for another adventure. If you saw MIB 2, that thought might not thrill you. MIB 2 was many of the things people hate about sequels – rehash of first film, weak plot, thrown together feel, over reliant on effects… you know the drill. Anyway, MIB 3 is all those things, but it is still better than MIB 2.

In the third film, K is depressed and J is needy. Then an arch villain from K’s past breaks out of the Lunar Prison and heads back to earth with vengeance on his mind, and a time travel plan to pull it off. Eventually, J has to go back in time and work with a younger K to twart this diabolical plan (yup, I used both thwart and diabolical in one sentence. Put my name on the Pulitzer).

The Good

The action sequence in the last third of the film is pretty engaging. The special effects were solid. Towards the end, the relationship between K and J that was so magical in the first film and was still present in the second one starts to poke its little head out of it’s shell, but that’s all we get of that.

The Bad

The first third of this film is painful to watch. I have never seen Will Smith look uncomfortable in a movie, and in this one it looks like he is wearing porcupine underwear. The interplay between J and K was one of the magic parts of the first film, but in this one it is like these two don’t know each other and don’t like to be in the same room. Every line is flat. They have a lot of opportunity for Will Smith to comment on the late ‘60s, but they barely do any of it. They have new aliens and side characters, but they aren’t interesting or even part of the plot.

The Other

Emma Thompson is a non-entity in her role, neither good nor bad. I never thought I would write that sentence. Seeing K with a love interest was good, but underplayed. The sight gags involving aliens were decent, but it was stuff we have seen before. Though, the bowling scene was one of the few where Will Smith looked like he was having fun. It was a candle in the darkness, yet I still cursed.

Final Verdict

At it’s core, this should be a buddy film, and this story should make up a pretty good one. It fails. It was not a bad film all the way through, and the last third went a long way towards making my overall movie experience one that I did not regret. Watch the movie, if you can get it free. Otherwise, don’t pay for it unless you are on a plane or trapped with kids.

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  1. Will Smith in Porcupine underwear. That’s enough to keep me away. No matter, I’m not a big fan of action sequels. They never are as good as the first one.

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