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Ebony & Ivory Redux – The Black Keys and The White Stripes

Dan Auerbach El Camino Get Thee Behind Me Satan

Yes, I’m going to bring up Pandora again. I do so, because it has taken the place of radio for me in that this is where I hear about new music.  I listen, hear something I haven’t heard before, make a new station with that song/artist as a seed and I get exposed to a whole new world of music. This method has introduced me to Modest Mouse, The Editors, Beats Antique, Balkan Beat Box, Bon Iver, as well as reintroducing me to Foghat, Blackfoot, and Treat Her Right. It’s working for me, so you are going to hear about it.

I had already heard of the Black Keys before they came up on Pandora. They are two guys from Akron, Ohio that play rootsy, guitar driven music with biting, sometimes dark lyrics. They were recording and touring in the early ‘00s, but broke through to major audiences in 2008 with the album “Attack & Release”. They’ve followed up that album with “Brothers” in 2010 and “El Camino” in 2011. Each album has been more successful than the last. In 2009, Dan Auerbach released a solo album to critical acclaim.

The White Stripes were just two people – Jack and Meg White. He played guitar and she plays drums. Jack is the creative force in the band, and can be a bit of a divisive figure due to his rock n roll sized ego. I will say that he backs it up with great music output. They specialized in simple, almost sparse songs that still managed to come across with a sense of force. They have released a series of powerful and complex albums like White Blood Cells, Elephant, Get The Behind Me Satan and Icky Thump. Jack and Meg broke up but the band has continued on but with a reduced output due to Jack’s numerous side projects, like The Raconteurs.

Monday – The Black Keys “Tighten Up”, Ten Cent Pistol”

Tuesday – Dan Auerbach – “Mean Monsoon”, “Street Walkin”

Wednesday – The Raconteurs – “Steady as She Goes”, “Hold Up”

Thursday – The White Stripes –“We are going to be friends”, “Seven Nation Army”, “My Doorbell”

Friday – The White Stripes –  “The Denial Twist”, “A Martyr for my love for you” , “Cause and Effect”