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Music Blog – Bellydancing Music? Really?

beats Antique Lindsey Stirling Yoshida Brothers

(Pandora – ScottWeberwriter: World Beats station)

I have a need to see, hear and think things that I have not done so before. You could say I am mentally very restless. Many people consider this an admirable trait that represents curiosity and results in a life of learning. That might be true, but it also has downsides. I get bored with things easily, I have very little tolerance for repetition, and I can be dismissive of others opinions if I have already thought of and rejected them. Those are not great behviors for the work world, or for parenting. So, I try to channel my restlessness into certain areas. I devour news, I take up and drop hobbies, and I am constantly on the search for new music. Again, here is where Pandora is like a super heroin for me. And that finally leads us to the actual topic – Belly Dancing Music.

It all started when I was listening to a channel I created called “Techno-Rave Indulgence”. It started with Paul Oakenfield, Juno Reactor and a couple of others. It’s good enough when I am in that mood. Then, Pandora surprised me by playing something I had never heard before – Slow Techno with a Japanese feel. This was the Yoshida Brothers. They play the Tsugaru shamisen which is a three stringed Japanese folk instrument a bit like a banjo, only they play it as if Hendrix was born in Osaka and was schooled in Jazz, New Age, and Rock. I liked it so much I created a station based on just Yoshida Brothers. What I got was a whole set of things I hadn’t heard of or thought of before. I got to hear Techno-Classical Violin, Indian Dance/Rap, Balkan party music, and finally belly dancing. Hope you Enjoy.

Lindsay Sterling – She made a name for herself on YouTube and as a quarterfinalist on America’s Got Talent. She combines classical music training with strong beats, mixes in a big dose of actual dancing, then sprinkles in just the right amount of geek. The music is great to listen to, and I keep expecting her to land some music score gigs. For the full experience check out her Youtube videos. If you have bit of the geek in you, don’t miss the Skyrim ones.

Punjabi MC – He was born in Coventry England, he raps in English and Punjabi, and he might be the best long term result of English Imperialism. I am pretty late to this game, as he had his first hits in the late ‘90’s in Europe and early ‘00s. He works often as a mixer and collaborator for other artists.

Balkan Beat Box – A Romanian-Israeali drummer/producer meets an Isreali saxophonist in Brooklyn and they find a shared interest in Gypsy, Balkan, and electronica. Yes, of course all those things should come together. All I can say is that this music sounds like the soundtrack for fun, kinda like Ska but wearing more wool.

Beats Antique – Finally we come to the belly dancing music. This band was put together to make music for Bellydance Superstars, a troupe of professional bellydancers that tours internationally. A connection with dancer Zoe Jakes led to collborations that blended their sound with Jakes personal style of dance. The combine very traditional parts of middle eastern music with trance, electronica, reggae, and more.

Monday – Lindsey Sterling “Crystallize”, “Moon Trance”

Tuesday – The Yoshida Brothers “Storm”, “Kodo – Inside the Sun Remix”

Wednesday – Punjabi MC “Mundian”, “Snake Charmer”

Thursday – Balkan Beat Box “Habibi Min Zaman”, “Sunday Arak”

Friday – Beats Antique  “Beauty Beats”, “Tabla Roy”

Bonus – go to Pandora and search on ScottWeberwriter. The station I have there that features this music is called “World Beats”