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Music Blog – New(ish) Music – Pandora Presents 2

Welcome to my music blog. In these entries I will highlight a particular genre, time period, or artist and give you a week’s worth of listening as examples. You can go to Pandora, Spotify, or your favorite music site to listen to or download the music.

I wish I could say each list was the result of years of research, my own musical experience, and critical consensus  of critics, but they aren’t. They are just things I find interesting. I listen to many types of music, but I tend to love to find overlooked bands/songs or bands that were big but that history has kind of forgotten.

There will be glaring omissions, egregious inclusions, and outright mistakes. If you agree or disagree, want to clue me into other possibilities, or explain some odd point of music history, please leave a comment.

Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the music.

Editors the Back Room MGMT Santigold

New(ish) Music  – Pandora Presents 2

This list is the second of what I will call my New(ish) music list. Regular readers will harken back to February when I did this the first time and went on a Modest Mouse and Kings of Leon binge.

I actually pay for the service (and yes, I know all the cool kids are using Spotify before switching over to the new Twitter Music app).  Pandora has been really good for me to help me find music that I have missed over the past 10 or so years. I just plug in a current song I like and in time Pandora will play something I have never heard before that I really like. Last year I started a list with Gotye, Foster the People, and Florence and the Machine. This list has provided me with a non-stop supply of new music that fits my tastes, as well as popping in an oldie now that then that fits – as I am typing Pandora is playing me Depeche Mode “Precious” for example. This list had brought me Interpol, The Editors, and Arctic Monkeys. For someone like me, who always needs new inputs to stimulate his deteriorating brain, the Pandora list is heaven.

Monday – Young the Giant “My Body”, “Cough Syrup”

Tuesday – Santigold “Disparate Youth”, “Big Mouth”

Wednesday – Phantogram “When I’m Small”, “Running from the Cops”

Thursday – MGMT “Kids”, “Indie Rockers”

Friday – Editors “Munich”, “An End has a Start”